January 13, 2014

Candy Box Valentines

I have always been partial to this particular tradition, and nothing says “I love you” quite like homemade valentines.  These are fairly simple, and suitable for crafters age 10 and up.

You need:
  • Cardstock – I purchased several pretty floral patterns as well as more traditional reds and pinks. I really like the wide variety of patterns available at Michael’s, and they are comparatively inexpensive.
  • Scissors.
  • Pencil.
  • Ribbon in colors that coordinate with your cardstock. I chose pink and white.
  • Candy. I used Lifesavers because they sit flat, but you can try any number of sweets. 
Step One

Trace or print the stencil featured below. Original full size features an innermost panel that is 2.5 inches by 2.5 inches, but you can make the boxes larger or smaller depending on the size of your candy. Cut around the solid lines.

Step Two

Trace your stencil onto each piece of cardstock as many times as will fit. Tip: save scraps for future projects in a Ziploc bag. There’s no sense in letting pretty paper go to waste.
As with the stencil, you will cut around each box at the solid lines, leaving the dashed line intact.

Step Three

Fold each box along the dashed lines, making sure that folds are crisp and even.

Step Four

After filling each box with candy, tie it shut with a ribbon. Alternatively, you can use themed stickers to seal each box.

Step Five

Relish the amazing feeling of presenting friends and family with a homemade token of love.  As always, I'd love to hear from you, so feel free to comment below, email me, or join via the Google Friend Connect widget on the side panel. Happy Valentine’s Day!

This project was featured on City Farmhouse, Silly Pearl, and Simple Nature Decor.

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  1. This is such a cute idea and I could see using these boxes for tons of stuff! I must pin these! I also love you ornaments! Pinning those, too! :)

    1. Thank you!! I think they'd also be great for party/wedding favors. Let me know if you decide to try them out for other events or holidays!

  2. They are so pretty. Good for all types of occasions - just change up the print to coordinate with the theme. Thanks for sharing. Best wishes, Darlene

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you for spreading the word, and I'm so glad you liked them!

  4. Love your personal boxes, they're very pretty and professional looking. Your choice of papers is wonderful. I'm a nut for pretty papers. The boxes could be used again for other purposes, like that part of it also. Just need to be sure nothing is put in box that will stain the paper like cookies. Even if I don't use the template for Valentines day I will use it for other purposes. I'll be saving this post so I can print out when I have more ink. Great post. Happy days

    1. Thank you! I'm thrilled you enjoyed it.
      I used wrapped candy like life savers and starbursts, but the size can definitely be tweaked for any number of things. If you wanted to do cookies, fudge, and other baked goods, you could wrap them in plastic or put them in a little plastic bag first. I haven't tried it yet, but it's definitely on my radar! I think these would be super cute for wedding and party favors as well.
      Thanks for stopping by, and taking the time to comment!

  5. This is such an adorable idea! I'll be making some for my "Grands!"

  6. These are great! So creative! Found you from Social Media Sunday:)

    1. So glad you stopped by and enjoyed this post. Thank you!

  7. These paper valentines boxes are delightful. I really like how you used some papers that are so beautiful without screaming pink,red and white. :)

    1. Thank you! It just seemed like there's already so much pink, red, and white around this time that the world didn't need me to to contribute to the madness. ;)


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