Hi, and welcome to my blog!

My name is Brittany Kemp, and I am a twenty-year-old undergraduate English student living in Southern California. While I am relatively inexperienced with blogging, my love for writing and crafting has compelled me to develop
Confessions of a Secret Crafter: A College Girl’s Guide to Crafting on a Budget. Here, I’ll share my ideas for student-friendly projects that are based on current fashion, art, television, and all things glittery. I hope to inspire you to love crafting, and to provide the tools necessary for you to live life fashionably while on a modest budget. 

As a young college student living in a university-owned apartment, I don't really have the room or space for major undertakings. At the moment I mostly do whatever suits my fancy, but I hope to eventually evolve from random projects to more specific DIY ventures.

My current inspiration, and slight obsession, is the blog Vintage Revivals. Not only are there a ton of fun DIY projects (that, truth be told, I wish I'd thought of and could claim as my own) but her eye for interior design very nearly makes me weep with envy. I need my future home (you know, the one ten years from now that I can't even slightly afford at the moment) to look as fabulous and uniquely personal as hers, but I'm also super excited about the crafty journey along the way. After all, life is all about learning, growing, and renovating things so many times your boyfriend finally cuts you off. *sigh* 

My second source of major inspiration is Delineate Your Dwelling. They have a million awesome DIY projects that anyone of any skill level can do, and I get tons more inspiration from their awesome link party each week. 

Last but never least, my major source of craft photography inspiration is Makerland. I love her use of natural light and cool tones, and while I still have a lot to learn, I'm starting to see my own photos improve, which is supremely exciting. 

Well, that's it for now! I hope you all take a look around, and like what you see! 

- Brittany


  1. You are seriously adorable!! I can't believe you're in college and can write (and craft!) like this. Best of luck with your blogging - I'm looking forward to reading your future posts! - Bre @ Average But Inspired

    1. Aw thanks Bre! The writing stems from lots of practice (and lots of reading), and the crafting is just a talent I lucked into. :)


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