The following list of recommendations is based on experiences that are entirely my own - I was not paid or otherwise hired to write these recommendations, nor will I benefit from them in any way. They are personal preferences based on what has, and has not, worked for me in the past, and I hope you find this list helpful when doing craft supply shopping of your own.

  • Basic Crafting Supplies: I prefer Michael's but occasionally shop at Walmart. Both have good prices (especially if you have Michael's coupons), but Michael's has a much more extensive selection of *almost* everything you could ever need. And they have retro snacks. I usually turn to Walmart for fabric and really low-cost tools (like my $2 mini hot glue gun - best $2 ever spent).
  • Wood, Plants, Etc: I go to Lowe's. I've found that they usually have good prices and great plant selection, especially when it comes to succulents. I've never had it done, but apparently they can custom cut glass and mirrors at much better prices than specialty stores. 
  • Fabric Accessories (Buttons, Studs, Trim, Etc.): M&J Trimming has the most stunning online selection with pretty good prices and decent shipping. They also have really fun DIY kits.

  • Regular Glue/Adhesive: Mod Podge! I really can't say enough good things about this brand. I primarily use their shiny or matte finish glue and shiny finish clear acrylic spray, but they have soooo many products, including sparkly glue and glass tint (for making colored mason jars) and easy photo transfer medium. All of the glue is water soluble so it washes right out of your brushes and clothes, which also makes it more kid friendly. 
  • Extra Strength and Outdoor Glue: I like Gorilla Glue, but it can be really messy. Definitely wear gloves while working with it. 
  • Fabric Glue/Adhesive: I use Aleene's fabric glue. There are several different varieties, and I've had great success with all of them. If you're unsure of what type you should use, I'd start with the mini bottle multipack - it has the three most commonly used varieties so you can figure out what you like before purchasing a larger quantity. I also really like their iron-on fabric tapes. 
  • Craft Paint: Mostly I use Craft Smart acrylic paint. At like 69 cents a bottle, you definitely cannot beat the price, and usually can't tell that it's cheap paint. If it's something I really want to go all out for, I'll use Martha Stewart paint.
  • Glass Enamel and Liquid Gilding: Martha Stewart brand also makes a really amazing liquid gilding that is unrivaled. Your projects literally look like they've been coated in gold (or silver, or whatever). Their glass paint (aka enamel) comes in really pretty colors and can be baked for permanence. 
  • Wall Paint: I haven't done enough furniture/wall painting to have a preference, but I've heard good things about Sherwin Williams.
  • Tape: I always prefer Scotch, whether that be blue painter's tape, regular clear tape, or double-sided tape.
  • Brushes: I have a set of fancy artist's brushes that I like, but honestly I adore painting with a good quality make-up brush. I love how smoothly the paint glides on, and I find that they don't often lose bristles. For some projects, I intentionally buy cheap-o dollar store brushes that can be thrown away so that I don't have to deal with messy, time consuming, nightmarish clean up (yes liquid gilding, I'm look at you). Generally, I recommend the individual brushes with black handles that they sell at Michael's. 
  • Glitter: I love love love the fine glitter multipacks at Michael's. You get great quality glitter in a great variety of colors, and the price is fabulous. Martha Stewart glitter is far more expensive for the same quality, so I wouldn't recommend splurging. 

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