July 30, 2014

3 Quick Glaze Recipes

These recipes are great because they’re super simple and nearly impossible to mess up. You can exchange the primary ingredients (berries, chocolate, and extracts) for whatever you have on hand, and easily change the consistencies to suit your needs.
July 26, 2014

Homemade Doughnuts

These tasty treats are even better when you make them at home! As minis they're great for parties and sleepovers, and the bigger versions are great for brunch.

Doughnuts. Donuts. Either way, they're delicious. Today I'm sharing a fun and *fairly* easy recipe that's been modified from Martha Stewart's original. Because her version was good, but, let's be realistic - who's going to check the temp of their water, refrigerate overnight, and get up early only to wait 3-4 hours? Yeah, I didn't think so.
July 5, 2014

The Patriotic Summer Blog Hop : Recap Weeks 3 & 4

I hope you all had an amazing Fourth of July!

As you know, I joined up with more than 30 AMAZING bloggers to tackle the challenge of creating a patriotic project or recipe without using the traditional red, white and blue color scheme! We started the first week of June and the projects have been flowing ever since. We shared over 30 awesome patriotic projects with you, and today, I am recapping weeks three and four. Many of them can used year-round, and especially in the summer. Happy crafting! 

Patriotic Projects without the traditional colors!

July 1, 2014

The Patriotic Summer Blog Hop: Homemade Marshmallows

Easy homemade marshmallows just in time for your July 4th bonfires!

When I think of celebrating American patriotic holidays, I think outdoors, barbeques, and bonfires. And of course, with bonfires, come S'mores. I'm not sure how many of you have tried S'mores with homemade marshmallows, but you have not lived. I can promise that after this, you won’t want them any other way. This marshmallow recipe is great because it's super easy. It's been slightly adapted from Alton Brown's marshmallow recipe, and I've included some tips and tricks that I've learned through experience. Happy baking!
June 23, 2014

The Patriotic Summer Blog Hop : Recap Weeks 1 & 2

Hi there! So as many of you have heard, I have joined up with more than 30 AMAZING bloggers to tackle the challenge of creating a patriotic project or recipe without using the traditional red, white and blue color scheme! We've got new posts everyday until July 4th, and as promised, I've included a round up of the first two weeks below. Before you head out, be sure to check out the projects that were shared the last two weeks AND be sure to enter for your chance to win a $310 Target Gift Card by using the Rafflecopter at the end of the post!

MUST PIN!  Amazing patriotic project ideas that DON'T use the traditional colors!  Very creative!

June 9, 2014

The Patriotic Summer Blog Hop

Patriotic Summer Blog Hop

Hey guys! I've finally got more information on the super awesome super exciting blog event that's going down this month...
June 8, 2014

Making Monday Link Party

Hello summer friends! Hope y'all are gearing up to kick off your summer with some fun new projects and you better share them with us!!

Welcome to this week's Making Monday link party.

May 29, 2014

A Break and Stuff

As many of you have probably noticed, I've been on a bit of a break since Anthro Week. That event wore me out! Plus, you know, there's been work and the end of the semester and just life in general. Anywho, I've got a few fun things planned, including a super fun blog hop/event thingy for July 4th. I'm joining 33 of my fellow bloggers (I KNOW. I just can't handle the amount of awesome that happens when 34 bloggers team up) to bring you a boat load of tutorials that don't use the standard red, white, and blue. Interested? I know I am! Stay tuned for more information, and happy crafting! :) 

May 3, 2014

Link Party + Recap : Anthro Knock-off Week Day 7

Anthropologie Knock-off Week - 5 Blogs, 7 Days, 30 Posts

Anthro Knock-off Week is, sadly, coming to an end, but we have one more fun post in store for you. Below, we've compiled a list of our favorite tutorials from this week. If you haven't already, I definitely recommend stopping by each blog to check em out! After that, we've set up a special link party where you can link ANY of your own Anthro Knock-off projects. 

As a final note, I know I speak for everyone involved when I say thank you, our readers, for being so magnificently present, involved, and enthusiastic. It truly means the world to us. 
May 2, 2014

Chindi Napkins : Anthro Knock-off Week Day 6

Anthropologie Chindi Napkin DIY

Fabric napkins add an air of elegance to any dinner, but these Anthropologie inspired napkins add both fun and quiet sophistication. Read on for a full tutorial, and at the end of my post I've included photos and links to the four other blogs participating in Anthropologie Knock-off Week. Happy crafting!
May 1, 2014

Crystalline Hair Ties : Anthro Knock-off Week Day 5

Anthropologie Crystalline Hair Ties DIY

More sparkly accessories? Yes, please! Too bad Anthropologie's are $24 for a pack of three. Looks like it's time to get crafty! 

For those of you that are just joining the party, I've teamed up with 4 other awesome bloggers to bring you Anthro Knock-off Week! Every day for one week, all 5 blogs share a new Anthropologie inspired post, and on the last day, we're having a themed link-up. To see what the other bloggers have going on today, you can scroll to the end of this post, or check out our Pinterest board. 
April 30, 2014

Precious Stone Knob : Anthro Knock-off Week Day 4

Anthropologie Precious Stone Knob

With so many of my readers completing their own room make over projects, I thought today's contribution to Anthro Knock-off Week could be a really fun piece of hardware. Now, I know that there's already at least one DIY version of this floating around the web,  but my process is little bit different, and allows you to decide exactly what shape you want you knob to be. Read on to get crafty, and at the end of this post you can find links to the four other blogs participating today. 
April 29, 2014

Strung Squares Planter : Anthro Knock-off Week Day 3

My project today is this simple rustic hanging planter. I love that it's both suspended from the wall and composed of multiple pots. I stuck with the original four pot design, but don't be afraid to mix it up a little. At the end of my tutorial, you can find photos and links for our other 4 bloggers' projects. 
April 28, 2014

Copper Plated Serving Set : Anthro Knock-off Week Day 2

DIY Copper Plated Serving Set

Today I'm taking Anthro Knock-off Week into the kitchen with these fun plated serving utensils. Who doesn't need a little sparkle and shine in their life? I know I do! 

As a side note, the last Monday of the month is usually supposed to be a post in the 5-minute Series. Since Anthro Week overlapped, it will resume next month!  
April 27, 2014

Rhino Crossbody Bag : Anthro Knock-Off Week Day 1

Anthropologie Knock-off Rhino Crossbody Bag

I hope you all are ready for this... Anthro Knock-off Week has officially begun! As I explained in the announcement a few weeks ago, I've joined four other bloggers to bring you 30 anthropologie knock-off tutorials in just seven days. Crazy right?! At the end of this post you can find photo links to today's other four projects as well as a link to our Pinterest board. To make things even more exciting, we'll be having a themed link party on Saturday! Stay tuned for new daily posts, and be sure to check out our other lovely bloggers.

I don't know about you, but this rhino bag makes me want to go on safari. What's even more exciting is how simple the tutorial is. Happy Crafting!
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