May 3, 2014

Link Party + Recap : Anthro Knock-off Week Day 7

Anthropologie Knock-off Week - 5 Blogs, 7 Days, 30 Posts

Anthro Knock-off Week is, sadly, coming to an end, but we have one more fun post in store for you. Below, we've compiled a list of our favorite tutorials from this week. If you haven't already, I definitely recommend stopping by each blog to check em out! After that, we've set up a special link party where you can link ANY of your own Anthro Knock-off projects. 

As a final note, I know I speak for everyone involved when I say thank you, our readers, for being so magnificently present, involved, and enthusiastic. It truly means the world to us. 

 photo Sunday2_zps7b1a923d.jpg

 photo RhinoPurse_zps7abb0e94.jpg

 photo Monday2_zps811fe7ca.jpg
 photo Anthropologie-Main-Knock-Off-Compare_zps266ad65e.jpg 

 photo Tuesday2_zps97e4a50f.jpg

 photo CandiedDeskLetterClips2_zpsb254ff19.jpeg

 photo Wednesday2_zps648766ae.jpg

 photo AnthroGoldPencilHolder_zps65348f25.jpg

 photo Thursday2_zps2072014c.jpg

 photo BroochKnobAnthroInspired_zps35d5c7c1.jpg

 photo Friday2_zps6fcc752e.jpg

 photo Anthropologie-Knock-Off-Cheers-Banner-2_zps54e156c5.jpg

 photo Saturday2_zps048e85ab.jpg

Get your link party on! 

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