December 30, 2013

Studded Gloves

Studs are definitely in this season, as is evidenced by Chanel’s studded clutches, Louboutin’s wide variety of studded heels, and Phillip Lim’s studded jackets.  In this post I’ve outlined a really straightforward tutorial on studded gloves. I hope you enjoy it! This is my second studs tutorial, so if you’re digging this trend as much as I am, check out my first post here.

You need:
  • Plain gloves. All fabric gloves will be easiest, but it can be done with leather gloves as well.
  • Metal studs. I purchased 12mm studs from M&J Trimming. They also come in iron-on versions, but I chose the ones with fold-over metal prongs because they’re sturdier.
  • Small metal tool to close the stud prongs.
  • A ruler and sharpie if you’re concerned about exact placement.

Step One

Begin by planning out a simple pattern. I lined three against the outer side of the topmost edge, and then two below that. I preplanned their position and marked it with a sharpie, but you can definitely just wing it. It would also be very cute to use more studs in a 4-3-2 centered line-up.

Step Two

Attach the studs one at a time. It should be fairly easy if you use all fabric gloves. The topside of the gloves I used was leather, and it did take a bit longer to push the prongs through. I found it helped to mark the spots by pushing the stud in as hard as you can, and then make the actual holes with a pushpin. That way, the studs slide right in and you aren’t left fighting with them.

That’s it! This was another really simple tutorial that definitely gets big bang for very little effort and money. As always, I would love to hear from you. Comment below, or you can email, Facebook, or Instagram me with any questions or suggestions. Also, feel free to join via friend connect (link on the right side bar) and share your own project photos. Happy crafting!

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