December 2, 2013

Studded Sweater

Hi everyone! I love the look of studded shoulders, but I definitely don’t love the look of the price tag that comes with them. This tutorial cost me just around $25, which included a new sweater and studs – the price shoots way down if you upcycle a sweater you already have. Even better, I got to do it while watching The Vampire Diaries. Happy crafting!

You need:
  • Plain sweater. I chose one that had a basic color pattern – I prefer solid-ish colors for this tutorial, but I think it would look cute on any sweater.
  • Metal studs. I purchased 12mm studs from M&J Trimming. They also come in iron-on versions, but I chose the ones with fold-over metal corners because a)they’re sturdier  and b) they can be removed and reattached if your placement is off.
  • Small tool to close the stud prongs. I used a sturdy metal tool thing. Not really sure what it is. I think it might be an over-the-door hook… or something….
  • A ruler and marker if you’re concerned about exact placement. 

Pre-crafting Prep: Pre-wash! It’s annoying, but you’ll be glad you did if your sweater shrinks a lot. Mine did, and it saved me a lot of trouble to start the project with it –preshrunk.

Step One

Start by drawing out your design on a sheet of paper. I did a basic design with 5 studs on the top row, 4 studs on the second row, and 3 studs on the last row. They should be aligned away from the neck of your sweater. You can change this pattern to include more studs, or fewer. It’s really up to you and your personal tastes.

Step Two

Begin attaching studs in the pattern you planned. I tried to space them out by about the same dimensions as the studs themselves, but on the second shoulder, they ended up a little closer together. Once the sweater is on, the curve of your shoulders and arms will mean that you can’t tell if the studs are spaced a little further apart or closer together, and you definitely cant tell if your rows aren’t exactly straight. However, if you get one that’s really bothering you, you can reverse the process by un-bending the prongs and realigning the stud.

Step Three

Admire your handiwork!

This is one of the easiest tutorials I’ve done so far. Keep an eye out for an elbow patch tutorial coming soon – I applied them to the same sweater, and the results are adorable! As always, I would love to see your variations to this tutorial. Email, Facebook, or Instagram me, and I just might show off my favorites in future posts.  

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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! I hope you enjoyed the tutorial, and should you decide to try the project, good luck!

  2. Too cute, what a great idea! Thank you for sharing, this shirt is adorable! I will look forward to the elbow patch tutorial, those just make this sweater complete!
    Sheena @

    1. Thank you! The elbow patch tutorial is actually already published. You can check it out here:


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