February 20, 2014

Glitter Project Round-up

My post on DIY Glitter Phone Chargers received such a huge response from my fellow glitterholics that I decided this week's round up should feature other fun glitter projects. Enjoy! 

1. Glitter Carmel Cupcake Recipe from Carosello

All I have to say here is the obvious "Yum!" They look gorgeous. 

2. Glitter Lollipops from Popcosmo

These would be so cute as part of a baby shower favor. They could even be done in blue/silver for boys or green/gold for unknown. 

3. Glittered Flatware from Oh Happy Day

This is not necessarily a project I'd undertake for a regular party, but it could be fun for New Years Eve or for a child's play set. 

4. Glitter Mug from Inspiration Ave

This tutorial is so fun to me because it's super easy to customize. The list of possibilities is endless!

5. Glitter Party Cups from Bliss Bloom Blog

Super cute for a holiday project, and really easy! 

6. Sparkly Tablescape from The Glitter Guide 

I am in LOVE with this table design. Romantic and fun with just a touch of rustic charm - what's not to love?

7. Glitter Coller form Refinery29

Glitter + peter pan collar = adorable. This is a great upcycling project for any burgeoning fashionista. 

8. Glitter Heels from She Knows Living

As with the previous project, this tutorial is a really awesome way to spice up an old or boring closet. You could even try doing the whole shoe. 

9. Glitter Earrings from She is Red

These earrings are gorgeously unique and elegantly charming, and the process is so simple, it'll make you marvel you didn't think of them yourself. 

 10. Glitter Mouse Pad and Pencil Cup from The Everygirl

I love the concept of glitter office supplies, but I think I'd take it a step further by coating the mousepad in solid glitter. I'm not one for subtle. ;) 

11. Glitter Envelopes from The Divine Minimalist 

Another fun and girly project - I love the idea of surprise. Plain on the outside, glorious on the inside. 

12. Glitter Mason Jar Candles from Cakery Papery

I'm not sure exactly what I'd do with these, but I think they'd contribute nicely to a winter mantel.

And finally…

13. Glitter Phone Chargers from Confessions of a Secret Crafter 

These are obviously mine….I don't think they need any more promotion. Many of you have already seen them, but if not, head on over to check em out! 

I hope you all have enjoyed this round-up, and encourage you all to visit me again on Monday for a new DIY tutorial. Happy crafting!

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