February 13, 2014

Succulent Project Round-up

As anyone who has followed me on Pinterest is beginning to discover, I love succulents (which may actually be an understatement). As spring approaches, I'll hopefully be able to share three of my own succulent projects, but in the meantime, I've rounded up a collection of really fun succulent projects. Happy crafting! 

1. My Life Would Succ Without You Valentines from See Kate Sew 

I adore these because they're super simple, super cute, and aid in the spreading of succulent love. Plus there's free coordinating printables, and what's not to love about free stuff? 

2. DIY Stamped Clay Succulent Pots from damask love

This project is super exciting because the pots can be used for SO many things - the possibilities are endless. 

3. Living Succulent Wreath from Succulents and Sunshine

One of many projects on my eventual to do list...

4. Cork Planters from Upcycle That

These would be fabulous little thank-you gifts, especially for family/friends that are into wine. If you're super sneaky, you could even steal used corks so they're the recipients favorite brands. 

5. Mini Succulent Party Favors from Texas Farmer's Daughter

With pastel colors, these just scream "baby shower favors." They'd also make really cute thank you or teacher appreciation gifts. 

6. DIY Succulent Wedding Favors from Merrypad

I am OBSESSED with these art-deco super modern and minimalistic planters. Obsessed. And the fact that they're so easy to create makes them even more enticing.

7. Wood Slice Succulent Planters from radmegan

Adorably rustic and ingeniously simple. They take only a few minutes to create but leave a lasting impression. 

8. Succulent Cube Garden from VivaTerra

So technically these are products for sale and not a project tutorial, but I loved them so much I had to include them. I've never tried, but I'm sure it wouldn't be too hard to replicate the look with a cube mold and a little cement. 

9. A New Use for Egg Cups from PopSugar

Whimsical and enchanting, these are a fun take on a common household item. I've also seen succulents in tea kettles, coffee mugs, and old rusty tool boxes. Love! 

10. Painted Terra Cotta Pots from Succulents and Sunshine

This last project is simple, but I really love the fun colors. You could also switch it up by using multiple colors on each pot, metallic paints, or glitter. 

Some final advice:
  • Succulents are generally more fragile than other plants. Be gentle, and make sure to support the entire plant when transplanting them. 
  • If you do accidentally break off a leaf or two, don't toss it in the greenery bin. Succulents, unlike most plants, can be propagated, which basically means that new plants will grow from leaves and stems. You can find directions and photo tutorials on the propagation process from big names like Martha Stewart and Better Homes and Gardens, but I've found that the tried and true advice from fellow bloggers has been the most helpful. 
  • Succulents need far less water than other plants, and over watering can lead to health problems. As a general rule of thumb, only water when the dirt is dry, which may take a few days to a few weeks depending on your climate.

Don't forget to head on over to my Glitter Phone Chargers post for a step-by-step tutorial and a chance to win a Phillip Lim inspired glitter charger!


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