March 31, 2014

Infinity Scarf

The 5 minute series - Confessions of a Secret Crafter

Hey guys! As you may have figured out, I'm starting a new DIY series! On the last Monday of every month, I'll be sharing a super easy tutorial designed to make life easier while using materials you probably already have. They may not be the most ingenuous tutorials, but they'll hopefully provide you with a little inspiration. This month's project is: 
Scarf Upcycle - Regular to Infinity (and beyond...I know it's cheesy but I had to say it)

 I’ve decided that the infinity scarf is the best thing since sliced bread. Well, and the internet. And pumpkin pancakes. Those are pretty awesome too. Anyways, this week I’ve written a super easy regular scarf to infinity scarf tutorial, because if you’re anything like me, you never wear your regular scarves anyways and who needs a closet full of scarves? Except maybe old Greek women and stylish Beverly Hills women who ride around in red convertibles. I’m ranting. Moving on!

 You need:
  • Regular long scarf. If you’d like to make this totally from scratch, you can use a strip of fabric that is 20½ inches wide by 70 inches long and is hemmed along each long edge.
  • Needle and thread (or a sewing machine if you wanna get fancy)
  • A few pins.

Scarf Upcycle
Step One

Begin by pinning the two ends together. If there is a wrong/back side to your fabric, make sure that side is facing out and the right side is facing in. If you are upcycling a regular scarf, your sides may not be exactly the same length. Just do your best to match up one corner, and it'll work out fine - my scarf was nearly half an inch off. 

DIY Infinity Scarf

Step Two

Next, stitch the two ends together. I stayed right along the edge – about 3cm from the edge – to avoid having a large margin that needs to be trimmed off. 

Step Three

Flip the loop inside out so you have a neat seam, and you're done! You are now the proud owner of a renovated, and very stylish, infinity scarf.

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  1. brilliant! That never occurred to me! Thanks for sharing with us on Twirl and Take a Bow! ~Tammy

  2. Spooky, I was sorting out my (quite vast and not all very often worn) collection of scarves just the other day and deciding which would be better as infinity scarves. It's the ones that are not really long enough to be styled nicely that are best for conversion, isn't it? I love the bird print on yours.

    1. What a coincidence! I've converted both long and short ones, and I think it depends more on personal style than anything. I love infinity scarves that loop several times, so usually I go for the longer ones. :)

  3. So smart! Thanks for sharing it at Project Inspire{d}! xo

  4. How nice! From a regular long scarf to an infinity scarf – you are amazing. You’re so skilled! Thanks for sharing! It will be very helpful to us. I preferred infinity scarf than to the regular one, because you can wear an infinity scarf in many ways.

    1. Thanks Elvira! It's always nice to hear that readers found my tutorials helpful. :)


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