April 7, 2014

Abstract Cork Board

 Cork Board Alternative

The on-campus apartment I was assigned my second year of college didn’t have a built in cork-board as per usual, and I was desperate to decorate my walls. My magical/beautiful/unicorn mother came up with this amazing solution, and I’ve used it ever since. It’s the perfect combination of abstract art and useful practicality, and can be dressed up – or down – any number of ways. Happy decorating!

Side note: Please forgive the horrible photography. I've been sick, okay? 

You need:
  • Cork squares. I purchased the ones photographed from Walmart for just a few dollars.
  • Command Strip picture frame hangers (they're basically just sticky strips - no bulky plastic involved).
  • Thumb tacks and assorted photos/light weight decorations.
  • Ruler and level.

Step One

To start, visualize the space and determine how many squares you’ll need. I used four squares (two by two), but I have considered expanding to three by two. 

Step Two

Measure and mark for each square. I left an inch and a half between each square.

Step Three

Next, place the Command Strips horizontally on each corner of each square. If you only plan to hang lightweight paper things, you can use just two in the top corners.

That’s it! I decorated them with a few knick-nacks and paper crafts I’ve made in my spare time. They can be dressed up with fancy add-ons, or painted. I think they’d look really cute with a chevron or checkered pattern, but they also look cute plain.

abstract cork board

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  1. Hi, I really love this project, it's such a great idea. I was wondering if you would post a tutorial of how you make the pink bird on the upper right cork board?

    1. That's actually I great idea! I'll look into doing that within the next few weeks. :)


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